Tourism in the Basque Country

Mountaineering in the area offers trails that can go up to almost 1000 meters. Hiking is very popular

The different trails go along Navarra (Pamplona) and all its mysteries. The reception over the villages will bring you warmth and comfort. A trained lady in the camping can help you throughout your discoveries.

As the great Nive goes throught the villages surrounding us, you may find the thrills you are looking for by kayaking.

You can also enjoy the peace and quiet by the river with the "no kill" fishing, under a watchful eye.

All the contryside of the Basque Country makes one with the mountain. Our culture reveals its richness slowly.

This tight link is even stronger in the neighbour town Cambo and its health cures. The hot spring will get you in shape and will undermine your tensions.

The Basque coast side also offers many satisfactions. The presence of the sea and the universe of the fishermen who crossed continentswill be revelead before to you thanks to museums and historical sites, were the dynamism conveyed over centuries is revealed before you.

The legendary humanity of the Basque will call you out, wether it being in big citiessuch as Donastia / San sebastian or Bilbao, or in small villages. But, before getting lost, attracted by the lights of the city, you should linger other pleasures of the "village of Itxassou", the cherries, the sheep cheese and the local products.

On the town's square, a break in "Krakada" will put you in appetite.

  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - centre interpretation
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : centre interpretation
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - ossau iraty
    Campsite France Basque country : ossau iraty
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - eglise interieur
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : eglise interieur
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - confiture cerise
    Campsite France Basque country : confiture cerise
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - vue montagnes
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : vue montagnes
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • Paysage des Pyrénées-Atlantiques - camping itxassou
    Campsite France Basque country : Paysage des Pyrénées Atlantiques
    Paysage des Pyrénées-Atlantiques
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - chocolaterie
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : chocolaterie
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - chocolaterie3
    Campsite France Basque country : chocolaterie3
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - krakada
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : Krakada
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - krakada3
    Campsite France Basque country : Visite Krakada
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - krakada2
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : Visite Krakada
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - planneur
    Campsite France Basque country : planneur
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • Artzamendi dans le pays basque - artzamendi pyas basque.JPG
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : Artzamendi dans le pays basque
    Artzamendi dans le pays basque
  • Animations du camping Hiriberria dans les Pyrénées-Atlantiques - camping pays basque.JPG
    Campsite France Basque country : Animations du camping Hiriberria dans les Pyrénées Atlantiques
    Animations du camping Hiriberria dans les Pyrénées-Atlantiques
  • Moutons des Pyrénées-Atlantiques - moutons pyrenees atlantiques.JPG
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : Moutons des Pyrénées Atlantiques
    Moutons des Pyrénées-Atlantiques
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - randonnee
    Campsite France Basque country : randonnee
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - eglise
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : eglise
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***
  • ᐃ HIRIBERRIA *** - campagne
    Campsite France Basque country : campagne
    ᐃ HIRIBERRIA ***